Anovia Braden

Rule 31 Listed Family/Civil Mediator with specialization in Domestic Violence

5819 Riley Road

Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363
My name is Anovia Braden. I have been a Rule 31 Listed Mediator for 7 years. I work for a First Things First as a Marriage Educator. I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Law and Public Policy. I have a son who is about to start high school this fall.
I have worked for First Things First for the past ten years. I am a Marriage Educator. There I teach relationship skills necessary to communicate and to manage conflict better. As a mediator, I have been very successful in having people to reach amicable agreements that have legal muster and staying power. I have some flexibility to mediate cases statewide during or after business hours and on the weekends. Most parties appreciate this so they don't miss an absorbent amount of time off work, if any. It depends on the day and my schedule for the week.
Mediation Education & Training: 
I normally train with the offered sessions in Nashville, or Private Dispute Resolution Services in Chattanooga with Dr. Carol Berz. I can sometimes get credit for my mediation trainings when I get other certifications for domestic violence trainings, conflict or communication trainings as well.
Fee Information: 
My normal fee is $200 per/hr. Payment plans are available. Set up to take cash, check, bank cards and credit cards.