Timothy Howell

121 Dorothy Dr

Talbott, Tennessee 37877
E-mail: tim@tnlds.com

Tennessee Land Development Services

I was born in California but was raised in Washington state. I am a U.S. Army veteran. I currently run my own survey company in East Tennessee and I am an adjunct communication professor at Walters State Community College. I come from a “broken” home. I have lived with my single mother in near poverty as well as my dad and step-mom (as upper lower or lower middle class). I married early (19) and created an instant family (wife and 3 step-children (7, 6, and 2)) for myself. My second wife has 1 child. While I have not had a biological child of my own, I have raised step-children, nieces, and a nephew from all stages (newborn through adulthood). I am happily married and living in East Tennessee with my wife and two Shar Pei mutts.
As a Tennessee Registered Land Surveyor, I have quite a bit of experience with property disputes. As a step-son and a multiple step-father, I have experienced both sides of the blended family situation. My diverse family history (including being a DV victim) gives me a lot of experience to build on and to use as a base for my empathy. Serving in the Army and living in many different regions (both on active duty and as a civilian) has exposed me to many different cultures. I volunteer with the Knoxville Community Mediation Center (CMC) at both their civil and family programs. Their civil program is a day-of-court situation at General Sessions. I have been there most Tuesdays (In Knox County General Sessions, Tuesdays are reserved primarily for landlord/tenant situations) since 2014. CMC’s family program deals with divorce, post-divorce, and never-married co-parenting plans. I regularly volunteer to mediate any of these type cases. Combined, I have mediated over 200 cases with CMC.
Mediation Education & Training: 
I hold a Bachelors in Cartography (with a survey emphasis) and a Masters in communication with a concentration in Alternative Dispute Resolution (and an internal focus in adult education). I have taken the Rule 31 training for Civil, Family and Divorce, and for Domestic Violence. In all, I have had well over 100 hours (outside of academia) in mediation. I am Rule 31 Listed for Civil and meet all requirements for family listing except my relative employment requirement (which my teaching is resolving).
Fee Information: 
My fees are based on a sliding scale from $0 to $200 per hour. Each case is different and each requires a separate assessment of fees.
Type of Mediation: 
Child Custody and Parenting Plans
Probate and Estates
Real Estate and Construction