Robin Brown


2824 Erica Place

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Mediation Consultants

(615) 982-0465
Robin is a listed by the TN Supreme Court as a TN Rule 31 Mediator for General/Civil/Family/Domestic Violence mediation. Her background includes, project management, human resources, contracts, employee and labor relations. She serves as a Board Member for the Tennessee Valley Mediation Association and the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators. She has also worked as a volunteer for the Community Mediation Center in Knoxville, TN as well as the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center in Nashville, TN.
Mediation Consultants Mediation Consultants assists in resolving employee, labor, civil, and domestic disputes. We offer tailored solutions to parties by working together to help them overcome perceived barriers to dispute resolution. Efforts are focused on finding the path to agreement. Mediation Consultants facilitates the process of closure to the past and focus on the future by building a communication foundation so parties start to explore options and find mutually acceptable answers.
Mediation Education & Training: 
Approved TN Rule 31 Trainer for General/Civil Mediaiton and Domestic Violence Approved TN Rule 31 Mediator General Civil, Family Mediation and Domestic Violence
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