M. Michaella Babrich

1800B Beech Ave

Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Michaella Babrich has 25 years of experience in psycho/social services encompassing work with high rish youth and families, crisis intervention and counseling, human service program development, management and evaluations , the United States Air Force, the United State Army, joint/interagency organizations and is certified in mediation in family, dependency and appellate in the State of Florida, is a Rule 31 Listed in Tennessee. She has recently relocated to Nashville after living in Europe for 11 years. Michaella is certified Myers-Briggs Type Inventory administrator and facilitator, holds a B.S.W. from the University of West Florida, and a M.A. from the University of the Rockies in psychology with special emphasis in conflict management and dispute resolution.
Psychology. social work, U.S. military, expatriate (4 countries), critical incident training, crisis counseling
Mediation Education & Training: 
Rule 31 listing, domestic violence designation State of Florida Supreme Court certified mediator, family, appellate and dependency
Type of Mediation: 
Child Custody and Parenting Plans