TAPM has a blog! (And a Facebook page...Should we twitter too?)

Yes, indeed!  We not only have a beautiful new website design and easy to navigate menu, but now we have a blog.  Our goal is to have new entries each week and to keep you current with ADR and legal news from Tennessee, our nation and the world. We also want to tell stories about our ADR work and have an exchange of ideas.  We're very interested in finding out what you'd like to see, and to receive your comments on anything posted.  

We also have a Facebook page and we invite each of you to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!   "Liking" our page will allow you to follow us in your news feed and see what we post.  

I, Jackie Kittrell, your TAPM Vice President, will be the hardy soul who will try to post on this blog and on Facebook.  If someone would like to contribute to either, let me know and I will make it happen with the help of our Administrative Goddess, Lisa Smith.  I am considering whether to engage in Twittering, but will not promise anything at this point in time.  I promise not to use emoticons, but I might use emojis.