How to comment to the blog

The Blog (there may be a less minimal title in the future...) is now ready to receive your comments.  Although the blog can be seen by the anyone in the world, only TAPM members can submit comments to posts.  The web designer, Evan, set up the blog so that only a few administrators (yours truly and Lisa Smith, our part-time staffer) can actually write a blog post. Before we ask him to change anything, we'd like to see how this configuration works. If you're a TAPM member, leave a comment about what you'd like to discuss, a question about mediation or Rule 31, your go-to websites, something personal---a story to illustrate your point, something you have tried, a lesson you've learned; sharing a creative approach that only you have tried; and even comment to "stir of the pot" so to respectfully get conversation going.  Please feel free to privately send me topics you're interested in discussing, and I will begin a discussion by creating a post and waiting for our erudite members to weigh in. Thanks!