Conflict resolution playlists

Most days at the office, I get interrupted so much that my day is a patchwork of work, five minutes on this, fifteen on that, maybe an hour of concentrated focus---if I'm lucky.  My favorite time of the day to get work done is early in the morning between 5-7AM or after 5PM, before 7PM.  I can cut wide swaths through my weedy files, and answer a breath-taking number of emails.  Heck, I can even post to TAPM's new blog.  My energy level is maintained by snacks, Starbucks, and songs.  I am sharing with you two playlists from friend and colleague, Tammy Linski, on her website One is called "Conflict Resolution Playlist (lively)" and the other, "Conflict Resolution Playlist (mellow)".  If you can listen to them using the plug-ins on her blog, great.  If not, listen on Spotify, or on an old record player.